Replace your pollutants.

Work with our team to substitute an oil based plastic line with our sustainable PHA alternative.

Your Research and Development Partners

Beyond biotechnology, our team has diverse experience in biochemistry, engineering, data analytics and machine learning. Leverage our specialized skills and experience to replace pollutants in your production line through R&D projects.

New Polymer Development
Looking for a new polymer formulation to substitute an existing or create a new product line? We can work with you to develop and test the ideal polymer formulation with varying amount of PHA composition to meet specific biodegradability, functionality, and critical-to-quality requirements for your product.

Bacteria Fine-tuning
Looking for natural or synthetic bacteria that drastically reduces cost of PHA production? We can work with you to adjust and test our bacteria to be function compatibly with your existing fermentation equipment and processes, bringing forth significant cost reductions.

Fermentation Scale Up
Looking to assess whether our bacteria is able to scale with your designated feedstock in making PHAs? We can work with you to scale up, troubleshoot, and test production levels using our trade secret specialized cultures.

Use Cases

By leveraging food waste destined for landfill, Genecis has created the first cost-competitive PHA plastic available for commercial use. Our team will work with you to ensure consistency in the quality of your product so you can confidently move away from oil based plastics.

Single Use Plastics

Governments are rapidly banning single use plastics and plastic bags. Genecis PHA plastic provides a responsible alternative to single use plastic with the same properties as oil based plastics.

Clothing and Textiles

Micro-plastics found in clothing are coming under scrutiny from environmental groups and consumers.

Replacing harmful oil based plastics with biodegradable PHA's presents an opportunity to differentiate your company as eco-friendly and environmentally conscious to your customers


Half of all plastic produced is designed to be used only once, resulting in an estimated 10 million tonnes of plastic ending up in the ocean each year

By making the switch to Genecis PHA plastics, the impact of the waste produced from plastic can be significantly reduced without significantly increasing production costs.

Medical Tools and Products

PHA plastic can be used in the production of medical implants, sutures, cardiac valves, vascular grafts, and other medical equipment and packaging.

Because Genecis PHA plastic is produced from natural materials, it can be utilized safely in medical procedures.

3D Printing

Replace oil based plastic filament with PHA plastics to produce biodegradable 3D printed products.

R&D Partnership Models

Utilize our expertise in biological processes to make new discoveries, find new efficiencies and reduce your environmental cost of production by becoming an R&D partner.

Our team will work with you to replace traditional materials and methods by embedding science into your processes. We have worked with leading brands to replace oil based plastic with sustainable PHA plastics which leave a significantly reduced environmental footprint.

Work with us

Collaborate with Genecis on your research project to drive new discoveries and maximize the potential of your research funding

Work with us

Get the First Mover Advantage in a Green Economy

Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious, Genecis can help your company stay ahead of the curve and become industrial leaders in eco-friendly, sustainable production.


Organic Waste Processing

Organic Waste is processed and prepared for fermentation


PHA Production

PHA's are produced using Genecis proprietary technology



Supply for a growing market of PHA products

How it works

Our team will work with you to analyze your current supply chain, identifying areas to improve efficiency, reduce and replace the use of harmful chemicals and materials and unlock new opportunities to leverage our scientific processes in your production line.

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After our analysis, we will rigorously test our plastic to see the impacts on quality, cost and production capacity to ensure that the changes are commercially viable and beneficial.

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Purchase PHA plastic produced using Genecis patented bacteria and process. Waste plants that license Genecis technology produce PHA's ready for sale from the waste destined for landfill. Engage your marketing department to let your customers know that your products are better for the planet, without compromising quality.

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Why Partner With Us?


Through our proprietary process, we create a biodegradeable polymer resin known as polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA). Our process does not create end products; rather, we supply plastics converters with resins that they are able to use to make into a variety of applications.

Generally, PHA biodegrades in natural environments within a year. In marine environments, it can be as quick as 8 months. In industrial composting conditions between 6-8 weeks. As opposed to other biodegradable alternatives, PHA provides a very attractive biodegradable profile while maintaining functionalities required in many applications.

No, these refer to two different types of plastics. For clarity:

Bio-based materials are made from renewable resources instead of petroleum hydrocarbons. This is a broad definition that encompasses a number of plastics, including many that do not biodegrade in nature or under industrial compostable conditions.

Biodegradable: a material that readily degrades in natural environments or under specific industrial compostable conditions. There is a large range of polymers that fit this definition, with PLA being on one-end at 80+ year for break-down under industrial composting conditions and PHAs on the other side of the spectrum, breaking down in under four weeks in industrial composting conditions.

The same way you would pronounce ‘genesis.’ We don’t have any affiliation to Phil Collin’s old band.

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